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Read The Secret Stealers Jane Healey ✓ 4 Free read The Secret Stealers Read & Download á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A female American spy in Nazi occupied France finds purpose behind enemy lines in a novel of unparalleled danger love and daring by the Charts bestselling author of The Beantown GirlsAnna Cavanaugh is a restless young widow and brilliant French teacher at a private school in Washington DC Everything changes when she’s recruited into the Office of Strategic Services by family friend and legendary WWI hero Major General Wi. After the death of her husband Anna is recruited into the OSS She wants to serve the war efforts in her own wayI received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis story follows Anna a young woman in the 1940 s Despite being a brilliant graduate herself Anna has to put aside all her ambitions to take on the expected role of housewifeWhen her husband is killed in a car crash Anna finally discovers a life and job where her intelligence is valued Working for the OSS spymaster General Donovan Anna knows that she has to become a spy to do her part for the war and for her second home ParisI really enjoyed this historical novelIt is based on the real OSS America s first official spy organisationYou get to view it through Anna s eyes As the new recruit it s a steep learning curve but at least she has some friends to help her through the hardest partsThe world is at war and the OSS is working non stop Anna embraces this new life and new demands relishing the challenge When the opportunity to be an overseas agent comes along Anna grabs it with both handsIt was so interesting to see the lives and training of these spies during World War 2 a time when warplay was evolving faster than everI liked our main character Anna Despite her brilliance she s still just a normal girl She s done her duty to her family and wed a suitable man But now she s free and I rooted for her throughoutShe s a very likeable character trying to find her path at a time when women were expected to do nothing than have children and care for their families Her steps to freedom are tentative at first but she finds it addictiveHaving never been truly in charge of her own life she isn t burdened with the cockiness that is present in some of her mainly male spies and colleaguesThis isn t a short book and it isn t filled with constant action but I never felt like it was slowI loved following Anna during training and her life with the Parisian Resistance fighters The mission is the main focus but the book takes the time to paint a very real grim but hopeful country under occupationThe writing is really easy to read and I was completely hooked throughout

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Read The Secret Stealers Jane Healey ✓ 4 Free read The Secret Stealers Read & Download á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E French Resistance to help steal critical intelligence that could ultimately turn the tide of the warDispatched behind enemy lines and in constant danger Anna is filled with adrenaline passion and fear She’s driven to make a difference for her country and for herself Whatever the risk she’s willing to take it to help liberate France from the shadows of occupation and to free herself from the shadows of her former life. First and foremost I need to thank Jane Healey not only for sharing these amazing characters with us but giving me access to this fantastic book Jane is excellent at bringing historical female figures to life and she s outdone herself with The Secret Stealers Anna Cavanaugh had been leading the life that was expected of her It was the beginning of WWII she was married to a man who wanted her to live in his shadow rather than by his side When her husband dies in a freak accident shortly after Pearl Harbor she s left not uite sure what to do or where to go moving forward Then General William Donovan presents her with an opportunity that she couldn t refuse She begins her journey as his assistant at the Office of Strategic Services She soon trades in her coffee cup and desk on DC for a wireless radio and a mission in German occupied France to uncover the super secret weapon the Germans are developing With Anna s strong will intelligence and determination she becomes a spy rubbing elbows with the very people she despises She knows that her work has the potential to save thousands and she won t stop until the mission is accomplished Of course there would be road blocks specifically in the form of a suspicious German officer Along with an eclectic cast of characters Anna risks her life to save others Anna is an amazing representation of the scores of women who worked in the OSS and SOE While this particular character is fictional she proves that women aren t to be underestimated and just how strong and brave they can be She brings their stories to life and for me I definitely want to learn This is a great way to start of my 2021 reading challenge I didn t want this story to end I often felt like I was walking along side Anna and her comrades as they worked to thwart the enemy during a dark period in history

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Read The Secret Stealers Jane Healey ✓ 4 Free read The Secret Stealers Read & Download á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Lliam DonovanDonovan has faith in her and in all his “glorious amateurs” who are becoming Anna’s fast friends Maggie Anna’s down to earth mentor; Irene who’s struggling to find support from her husband for her clandestine life; and Julia a cheerful OSS liaison But the Anna learns about the organization’s secret missions the she longs to be stationed abroad Then comes the opportunity go undercover as a spy in th. The Secret Stealers is a captivating richly detailed gem of a novel the kind of book you don t want to put down because it has everything you love in a reading experience an expertly crafted fast paced plot a vivid WWII setting a cast of intriguing admirable characters and a wonderful mix of adventure and emotion A must read for those who love not only the very best of WWII fiction but an altogether terrific read